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Aqua Pure Water Systems offers the latest technology in bottleless, hygienic water dispensing systems. Our state-of-the-art coolers by Waterlogic incorporate multi-stage filtration, BioCote® surfaces, and UV light technology that keeps your water impurity-free and fresh tasting while reducing the risk of spreading contagious germs between employees, customers or family members. Read on to find out about the benefits of leasing one of our various smart water coolers.


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  • Smart sAVINGS

    With a Waterlogic water dispenser from AquaPure, you’ll spend:


    • Less than buying one liter bottle of water a day
    • One regular fee, no matter how much water you drink
    • No more delivery charges
    • Less money on landfill taxes with a bottleless system
    • Smart Filtration
  • Cleaner Water

    Achieve liquid purity with a Waterlogic cooler offering:


    • Contaminate free, fresh-tasting water with every pour
    • UV technology that inhibits bacteria growth inside the cooler
    • BioCote® technology that prevents germs from festering on the surfaces of the cooler shared by employees and customers
    • Internal faucets that cannot be contaminated by contact with previously used cups or bottles
    • BPA (Bisphenol A) free water that is otherwise present in polycarbonate 5-gallon water bottles
    • Smart Green Thinking
  • Environmentally Friendly

    AquaPure offers the clear advantage in environmentally friendly water solutions with:


    • 72% carbon footprint reduction from reducing plastic bottle contribution to landfills
    • Sleep mode for energy reduction
    • 100% recyclable components
    • Leak-detect mechanisms to prevent water waste
    • Smart Safety
  • safe and convenient

    • Eliminate the risk of workers comp claims and loss of time due to injury from changing out water bottles
    • Never run out of pure drinking water again

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