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Aqua Pure Water Systems LLC proudly offers a wide range of Waterlogic™ Water Dispensers suited for the workplace. By installing one of our bottleless coolers, you’ll save on all the time and money that comes with a traditional water dispenser. Waterlogic™ products are also designed to reduce your carbon footprint by at least 55% over five years.

We encourage you to browse through our collection of smart water coolers available for sale and rental.

Waterlogic WL100 Model

Features of the WL100 include:

  • Ideal capacity for small workplaces
  • Hot and cold, or cold and ambient water options
  • Easy connection to your existing water supply
  • Good entry level model that is cost efficient
  • Sleep mode to conserve energy

You can check out all of the specifications and details of the Waterlogic WL100 Model here!


Waterlogic WL250 Model


Waterlogic WL350 Model


Waterlogic WL400 Model


Waterlogic WL800 Max II


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